Stalled Spaces Scotland Toolkit

The Stalled Spaces Scotland project has launched a toolkit aiming at providing support and advice to communities on the regeneration of vacant spaces.


The toolkit delivers advice on how to launch a stalled space project from conception to promotion, with help on finding funding, managing volunteers and budget. It is directed at communities that could benefit from such initiatives, and includes a wealth of material and guidance on the regeneration of town centres, derelict sites, and green spaces, as well as links to useful resources.

The Stalled Spaces Scotland programme was commissioned by the Scottish Governement and is delivered by Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS) to promote the regeneration of vacant or under-used spaces across Scotland. The toolkit was launched at the Seeding Success event held on Wednesday 10th March by Stalled Spaces Scotland, and can be requested by email from [email protected]. Alternatively, a pdf version can be downloaded from the A&DS website.

Image: @Lenny Warren / Stalled Spaces

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