SNP Conference speech: Jeane Freeman

In her speech this morning at the SNP conference social security minister Jeane Freeman accused the UK Government of treating the benefits system as 'nothing more than a cash cow'. 

Her speech spelled out five ways in which to ‘fight burning injustice’ as the prime minister pledged to do in her conference speech last week. 

'Stop the roll out of universal credit, end the 6-week wait for the first payment and fix the problems that have been known about since 2013.

'Stop the work capability assessment that sees people deemed fit to work when they are clearly so ill they cannot work, or need tailored support into work because of ill health or disability.

'Stop sanctioning people’s benefits, removing financial support and forcing more and more people to rely on foodbanks and emergency payments just to eat.

'Act now to redress a glaring wrong and provide a decent transitional arrangement for Waspi [Women against state pension injustice] women.

'And remove the rape clause. What bigger totem of injustice is a system that dictates if you’re a woman on a low income who has been raped, you need to fill in a form to get the benefits your child should be entitled to?'

Source: Guardian live tweets of SNP conference. 


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