Scottish Parliament Publish Annual Environment Report

Keep Scotland Beautiful - The Scottish Parliament has recently published its Environmental and Sustainability Annual Report for 2015/16. The Scottish Parliament Corporate Body (SPCB) has a long-term target to reduce emissions by 42% by 2020, and are currently reporting their emissions down 37%, compared to their 2005/6 baseline.

 Recent projects delivered by the Parliament include:

- upgrading to LED lighting

- upgrading the air conditioning systems for server rooms

- upgrading software to control the ventilation system more efficiently

- encourage building users to adopt sustainable travel methods to commute to and from work, including improving cycling facilities, installing electric charging points for electric cars and participating in the Edinburgh Cycle Challenge.

- producing honey from onsite beehives

- working with Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh to improve the biodiversity of onsite planting

 The Parliament has a Carbon Management Plan, which includes all scope 1 and 2 emissions, plus several scope 3 emissions such as emissions from water, waste and business travel.

 The Parliament also has an active Real Action on Carbon Emissions (RACE) programme, which aims to engage all building users and visitors in the Scottish Parliament to help reduce carbon emissions, adapt to climate change and improve environmental practices. RACE is run by staff volunteers and has five main focus areas: energy, biodiversity, travel and transport, resources and sustainable food.

Additionally, a wider group of staff are members of the Eco (Environmental Contacts) Network, which helps RACE to encourage good environmental practice in all offices across the Parliament.

 Full details of the Scottish Parliament approach can be found in the Environmental and Sustainability Annual Report 2015/16.

Source: Keep Scotland Beautiful

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