Scottish Government Programme 2015 – 2016

Scottish Government (01/08/15) - First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has placed education at the heart of her Programme for Government, outlining how her vision of a fairer and more prosperous society can be achieved through helping Scotland’s young people.

The First Minister’s Programme for Government – A Stronger Scotland – can be read here

As she unveiled the Scottish Government’s plans for the final year of this parliamentary term, the First Minister announced a new National Improvement Framework that will help close the gap in attainment and ensure all children are being equipped with the skills they need.

The framework will help track the progress of all children, introducing a national system of standardised assessment in P1, P4, P7 and S3 that will bring consistency to the assessment of literacy and numeracy and tracking of progress across Scotland.

A wide-ranging legislative programme will see eight new bills introduced, with measures included to strengthen the law on harassment and sexual offending; increase security for private tenants, protecting against excessive rents; and implement the recommendations made by the Infant Cremation Commission.

The First Minister also announced additional support for Scotland’s kinship carers, with additional funding to local authorities to increase financial support for kinship carers to the same level as foster carers.

Outlining her plans for Scotland’s public services, the First Minister announced plans to complete the integration of health and social care by April 2016 and test new models of primary care in ten sites across Scotland. She also announced that policing would be strengthened by a national review of police governance and a new requirement on the Chief Constable to submit to local public scrutiny sessions.

Ms Sturgeon proposed that the next Scottish election to follow the 2016 poll will be held in 2021, as she confirmed that the Scottish Elections (Dates) Bill would be brought forward in the forthcoming session.

And she confirmed that the Scottish Government would begin to implement the additional powers to be devolved following the Smith Commission process, with a planned cut in air passenger duty to be brought in from 2018, and a Scottish rate of income tax to be set for 2016/17 in the forthcoming budget.

The First Minister’s Programme for Government – A Stronger Scotland – can be read here

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