Scottish Food Coalition Launches Call for System of PLENTY

CSPP - The Scottish Food Coalition, a civil society grouping of organisations concerned with the food system, has formally launched a call for the transition to a new food system in Scotland.

The coalition held a public event in Unison's central Glasgow office on Monday in order to present its report “PLENTY: Food, Farming and Health in a New Scotland”. The report argues that joined-up thinking across issues is required to transform Scotland’s food system to benefit health, wellbeing, workers’ rights, nutrition, and our environment. In addition it proposes key changes that could be made to improve the food system for people and the environment in the short term.

The coalition is also calling on political parties to get behind a proposed Food, Farming and Health Act to provide a framework for action in order to introduce reforms across policy portfolios. The Act would enshrine the United Nations’ Right to Food in Scottish Law, as well as create a statutory Food Commission to provide oversight and help coordinate policy efforts to transform Scotland’s food system.

At the launch event, speakers from Unison, Nourish Scotland, the RSPB and others spoke of the need for a coordinated approach to change, with issues related to the production and consumption of food touching upon almost every other policy area. Problems identified as requiring action included growing food insecurity, poor wages and conditions for many food sector workers, the impact of climate change on food production and vice versa, and environmental problems created by current supply chain infrastructure.  

Following initial presentations, coalition members engaged in discussion on these points, and the changes needed to move towards a more sustainable and ecologically harmonious food system which contributes to both citizen wellbeing and an inclusive, resilient economy.

The event concluded with the announcement that further work would be done to engage Scottish society and the policy community with the coalition’s key messages, with current economic and environmental challenges requiring an ambitious response regarding food policy.  

Note: The CSPP is a supporter of the Scottish Food Coalition.

Image credit: Nourish Scotland

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