Scottish charities demand full devolution of welfare

Third Force News (15/09/2015) - Leading Scottish charities are demanding that Westminster devolves full powers on welfare to Scotland.

The Scottish Council for Voluntary Associations (SCVO), Carers Scotland and Enable Scotland told the Scottish Parliament’s welfare reform committee today (15 September) that the Scotland bill as it currently stands does not go far enough to secure the future of vulnerable Scots.

Greater devolved powers have failed to create the powers needed to deal with the more draconian reforms, the charities state, and full devolution from Westminster is needed.  

In its submission, SCVO said that it believed the Scotland bill does not transfer true social security powers and only afforded limited changes.

Carers Scotland also expressed its “disappointment” with Westminster plans and Enable Scotland called for Access to Work programme to be passed into Holyrood’s hands.

"We remain concerned about the lack of openness and transparency of both the UK parliamentary process for the Scotland bill and intergovernmental meetings to take forward the new powers,” SCVO said in its submission.

“This approach – driven by political expediency – is the antithesis of the principles politicians say they want to embed in a Scottish system."

People need to be properly supported to ensure they are not disadvantaged

The sector has a “strong message for the Scottish Government,” said SCVO, in that “people themselves must be at the heart of shaping the new powers, particularly those at the “hard end” of failed policy and struggling public services.”

Failing to do this, will fail individuals and families from the outset, the organisation said.

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