Scotland should have it's own immigration laws says think tank

The Institute for Progressive Policy released a report today setting out six proposals to manage immigration post-Brexit. 

The report sees Brexit as an opportunity for a 'comprehensive rethink to ensure the rules meet the needs of our economy' and are not driven by reactionary politics. A large part of this is addressing 'geographical imbalances' that mean overall targets for immigration can become skewed. 

Scotland is facing an ageing population and there are worries about demographics if there is a mass exodus of EU citizens after Brexit. 

One solution could be a system of 'sub-state visas' that allow immigrants to work in one part of the British Isles but not others. 

The suggestions was welcomed by the Scottish Government who have long advocated for devolution of immigration to Holyrood.

IPPR Scotland director Russell Gunson said: “Devolving immigration could allow areas in the UK to be much more responsive to their local economic needs and public opinion, improving integration, trust and ensuring consent for immigration. As the Brexit negotiations continue, the UK government should consider fundamental reform of our immigration system, devolving immigration to Scotland and other parts of the UK.”

The full report is available here:

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