Public Finance Magazine Features CSPP Call for Local Levies

CSPP (10/09/2015) - Public Finance has featured the CSPP’s call to give councils the ability to raise local levies such as a “tourist tax” to enhance to local democracy and accountability, as well as being one possible response to local authority budget cuts.

The call came as part of the CSPP’s submission to the Commission on Local Tax Reform, which was complied with input from the Centre’s membership. The Commission seeks to examine alternatives to the existing Council Tax, and its conclusions are due before the Holyrood elections next May.

The CSPP’s position on local taxation, public service reform, and other key policy debates has been reported by a string of leading media outlets recently, including the Herald, Scotsman, Good Morning Scotland, Scotland 2015, and the Edinburgh Evening News.

The full article in Public Finance magazine, which includes an interview with CSPP Chair Richard Kerley, can be read here

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