Our friends and neighbours in UK and Europe… Who’ll look out for them during ‘Brexit’?

Last week the CSPP held a meeting with the Young European Movement in Edinburgh on ‘Living , Working and Studying in the UK beyond Brexit’.

I certainly looked forward to it with interest as we had some great speakers, Professor Laura Cram of Edinburgh; Mark Lazarowicz, formerly an MP and now practicing as an Advocate specialising in this field and Joan McAlpine, MSP. I also knew that we had a wide range of people coming along – between 40 and 50, from backgrounds that would add to the discussion.

What I had not anticipated was the very powerful sense of emotion and anger expressed by some people present which I found a powerful signal of how important it is that we as the UK and the decision makers we elect for us get this right as they discuss everything from trade, tariffs, and the location of various EU functions. 


I don’t do much emotion over public policy usually – not my professional or personal  style normally – but I found the testament of some of those who spoke at the meeting (spoke to me, and mailed me afterwards) very , very moving .

You can see some of this in our Storify account of the event on this site. I hope we have not embarrassed anybody in the clips or reminded them but believe me – we heard a lot of people for whom this process is both deeply  personal and impacts directly on their professional and family lives.

These are our friends and neighbours – in some cases for many years, even decades, and we should listen to them as we hear the rolling ‘Brexit ‘ news .

Richard Kerley, Co-chair CSPP.


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