Highland and Island concerns over flight of EU workforce

A report has been presented to councillors in the Highlands and Islands highlighting the impact that a loss of EU workers could have. 

10% of the Highland and Island population is made up of EU citizens, many of whom work for the local authority and are trained tourism professionals who may not be easily replaced if the instability of their position post Brexit means they choose to work elsewhere.  The overall population of the area is an ageing one, meaning that ways to encourage young people to stay and for others to return to the community are essential. 

Other solutions include continuing to make the Highlands an attractive area to work for EU migrants and flexible working arrangements that allow older people to continue in employment.

In their report, council officers said: "From a workforce perspective, given that Highland already has a high employment rate and the number of jobs - new and replacement - is forecast to increase, this means that the number of people available within the labour market and the pipeline of future talent for the council and all employers are diminishing. 

"There is a need to increase the working age population."

 Source: BBC Highlands and Islands. 

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