Health & Social Care Integration Progress: ALLIANCE Team Publish Scoping Report

ALLIANCE - The integration landscape has not evolved as fast as was originally anticipated, with the vast majority of Health and Social Care Partnerships not going ‘live’ until the beginning of April 2016.  

As a result, many of the strategic partnering arrangements the Third Sector Health and Social Care Support Team expected to support during 2016 are still emerging. Given this, it was decided it to re-scope the third sector’s experience of integration to date, to shape the Programme’s priorities. 

The Third Sector Health and Social Care Support Team have now produced a report of this activity that narrates what the Programme learnt about the sector’s perceptions of the current challenges and how these could best be addressed.

Key Challenges:

  • Consensus that integration is still in its infancy in most areas with Integration Authorities not yet embedded in the local public service landscape.
  • The focus in the last two years has been on meeting the legal requirements, and many feel that the current year will be ‘more of the same’.
  • In many areas, partnership working at the strategic level has gone backwards in the last two years and as a result, there are concerns about whether any change will be transformational, even in the longer term.
  • The concerns are compounded by the perceived lack of investment of time, energy and money in building the foundations of the new way of working.

The report also highlights areas of best practice in terms of what Integration Authorities are currently doing.

For more information on the Third Sector Health and Social Care Support Team, visit their website. For more information on the report, get in touch with [email protected]

Download the report here

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