FSB Scotland Report into Small Business Engagement with Schools

The Federation of Small Businesses has published a new report looking at business engagement with secondary schools in Scotland. You can read the full report and a summary version via the link below:

Undertaken by Rocket Science, the research is a first of its kind in uncovering the nature and scale of business engagement in schools. It represents a call to action for businesses, schools and intermediaries to transform business engagement in school.

The report argues that this is not engagement for engagement’s sake, but central to reducing youth unemployment, increasing pay levels among young people and creating more resilient local economies.

Although the majority of smaller businesses (60%) are not involved in the school system, the one in four which are provide extensive support to pupils, teachers and head teachers.

Lastly, it sets out practical recommendations to get more businesses into the classroom and more pupils and teachers into industry. These range from:

·         Making it easier by creating a world-class, national digital service to match up interested businesses and schools.

·         Developing the skills of teachers through knowledge transfer partnerships with industry.

·         Targeting areas of multiple deprivation to ensure pupils and businesses are not disadvantaged.

·         Ensuring regulatory requirements are as simple as possible for small businesses.

·         Increased visibility for Developing Young Workforce regional groups and the need for grassroots, proactive engagement.

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