Frank's Law

The Scottish Government have announced a new law granting free personal care to everybody that requires it, regardless of age. 

9000 families will benefit from the law when it comes into effect in April 2019. Currently anyone under the and of 65 has to fund personal care for Dementia, Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy or any other degenerative brain disease. The law is named after footballer Frank Kopel, after his widow, Amanda, led the campaign for free personal care for the under 65's. The former Dundee football player was diagnosed with and later died from early onset dementia. 

Health Secretary Shona Robison visited Mrs Kopel to congratulate her on her campaign and discuss the implementation of the changes.

Ms Robison said:

“I am glad to have met with Mrs Kopel to congratulate her and to discuss the government’s plans. This change will help thousands of families across Scotland and Mrs Kopel has played a crucial role in bringing issues around personal care for under 65s to light and in ensuring they have remained prominent in the public’s mind.

“We will now take forward the work of extending free personal care to everyone who requires it, regardless of age. At least 9000 people will benefit from this change and we will work closely with local government and others to implement these changes so that all those who require personal care are able to access it.”

 Amanda Kopel said:

"Frank was a defender and never scored many goals. But he scored the match winner against Anderlecht in the UEFA cup and, hearing the news, I now know how he felt. 

"It was great to meet Ms Robison and hear about the plans to implement Frank’s Law and to talk to her about the difference this change will make to people's lives."

Source: Scottish Government

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