Environmental Laws Must Be Protected after Brexit

In their newly released election manifesto, Scottish Environment Link calls for environment laws to be safeguarded by all parties.

By Graham Martin. Originally published on Third Force News.


All parties must campaign on environmental issues in the general election, an influential umbrella group has said.

Scottish Environment Link – which represents the country’s leading eco charities – said green issues must not be bulldozed out of the way as political debate revolves around Brextit and Indyref2.

Britain’s decision to leave the EU has huge implications for the environment, the group said in its recently published election manifesto.

This is because many environmental protections are underpinned by EU legislation, or came into being through the EU.

The group is demanding all parties commit to enshrining these laws and other international commitments in the UK’s post-Brexit legal framework.

It also wants politicians to put sustainability and the protection of the natural environment at the heart of their manifestos.

Environment Link’s Daphne Vlastari said: “With its manifesto, Scottish Environment Link calls on all parties to demonstrate their commitment to a flourishing natural environment and sustainable development. 

"We can't afford to trade away our environment. Our ambition to maintain and enhance environmental protections, and transition to a sustainable and low carbon economy should not be victims of political circumstances.

“There should be cross-party, and indeed cross-government, support for robust environmental protection that delivers for our health and well-being.

"This is why our manifesto asks all parties across the UK to uphold commitments to environmental protection and sustainable development in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, at a time when uncertainty regarding the future of EU laws that have so far delivered these benefits is very high.”

Originally published on Third Force News.

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