CSPP Spin-Out Adopt an Intern a Winner at the Scottish Business Awards

(13/11/2015) – CSPP spin-out Adopt an Intern won the RBS Customer Focus Award at the Scottish Business Awards last night.

Shortlisted along with seven other organisations, the innovative graduate and paid internship recruitment service was recognised as the business that best demonstrates that the customer is at the heart of everything it does.

Adopt an Intern is a social business that advertises graduate jobs and paid internships across Scotland and the UK. It has placed over 1000 graduates into jobs over the last 5 years, from entrepreneurs hiring their first employee to the likes of Diageo, Abellio and Scottish Government.

According to their new figures, over a third of applications come from graduates with degree-less parents.

Joy Lewis, Chief Executive of Adopt an Intern, said recently:

“Young people are the lifeblood of our future economy. We all have a responsibility to enable them to fulfil their potential during their initial employment steps. Our survey shows that parents have been major drivers to further education and enhancing their children’s employment prospects.

We have an incredible talent pool to work with – our parents and educational establishments have clearly done their bit. Scotland’s employers can access a very encouraged and driven pool of talent and we have powerful evidence, from businesses in all sectors, that graduate candidates are high quality, very keen, and fit well into existing teams.“

Read more about Adopt an Intern.

For the full list of award winners, see Business Quarter.

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