CSPP Chair in Guardian Feature on Queen’s Speech

Edinburgh, 25th May 2015 (CSPP) – The chair of the Centre for Scottish Public Policy, Professor Richard Kerley, has offered his views on what should appear in the new Conservative government’s forthcoming Queen’s Speech.

Professor Kerley was invited to give his views as part of the Guardian newspaper’s consultation of what public sector leaders would like to see included in the Queen’s speech on 27 May. He stated, “I’d like the government to discuss with all parties, and all people, arrangements to create an enduring constitutional settlement that will recognise the ambitions of all those in the different countries of the UK, and speedy progress for cross-party discussion on rules for when and how referendums are used in the UK.”

The article concluded that in general public leaders hoped to see “fewer cuts and more local powers”. Read the full article here

The CSPP will soon announce its events programme for June, which will address the debate over Scotland's challenges and future direction of travel following the General Election on 7 May. 

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