Community Empowerment

Local democracy and community empowerment are key pillars of the CSPP’s focus on the importance of people and place in Scotland. This is also linked to public service reform, as we believe that innovative reform requires a much greater level of engagement by citizens and residents.

Policy background 

In September 2014 the Centre was invited to submit views on the Community Empowerment Bill by both the Parliamentary Committee for Local Government and Regeneration and by the Government itself. You can read our submission here.

In March 2015 the CSPP and PAS (Planning Aid for Scotland) held a forum in Edinburgh with members and stakeholder organisations to discuss the proposed Community Empowerment Bill. The forum acted as an initial awareness-raising meeting to share views on the Bill, what it could achieve, and the Bill's implementation.

Aspects of the Bill were also discussed by CSPP Chair, Richard Kerley, in a presentation to the Scottish Parliament’s Information Centre (SPICe) in April 2015. 

Recent developments

The Community Empowerment Bill was passed by the Scottish Parliament on 17 June 2015. We're now all talking about further ideas to support what has been recognised as a potentially very exciting piece of legislation. 


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