It is essential that we do all we can to create the conditions for policy stability in which key engines of our economy, our city regions, can best function.

Policy background

Building on work we undertook on Single Public Authorities, Scotland's 'disaggregated city regions' - our three main island areas - are pushing for greater power through their excellent “Our Islands – Our Futures” campaign. We wish them luck and will continue to support them in this important national endeavour.

The wider work on creating a more stable policy platform across our mainland City Regions has taken a huge step forward with an historic agreement of partnership between the political leaderships of all six local authorities within the Edinburgh City Region and now an agreed schedule of discussions about key items of economic infrastructure, prompted and supported by the CSPP.

Our Scotland’s City Regions programme has stopped off in Dundee, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Inverness, Perth and Stirling. The program has brought together politicians from all parties and none, to identify key areas of common ground, upon which post 2017 policy stability can be constructed.

For more information on our City Regions stream, such as the opportunity to partner with CSPP and help each area develop its own thinking about how best to deliver economic stability and sustainable growth, please contact us here.

Essential Reading

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Stirling Six Cities Dinner Report

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