Melvyn Ingleson

Melvyn Ingleson, Chief Executive, MJI Business Solutions

Melvyn Ingleson founded MJI Business Solutions twenty years ago, and is known within Scotland for having exceptional knowledge of the changing political landscape post devolution. He is still responsible for the day to day development of the firm, having founded MJI almost 20 years ago. He works closely with senior Scottish politicians of all parties, senior civil servants, local authority Chief Executives, private and third sector, passionate about improving Scotland’s place in the world.

Melvyn has delivered a wide range of consulting interventions over the last twenty years after a period developing major, advertised consumer brands. He has built a particular reputation along with his MJI colleagues for facilitating effective working between public, private and third sectors, and between public sector organisations. He has developed a range of supporting tools including Strategic Dialogue as a means of ensuring structured interventions.

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