'Combustible Cladding' found in Glasgow Tower Blocks

Cladding containing aluminium composite material (ACM) has been found in 57 private Glasgow tower blocks. 

After June's horrific fire in London which claimed the lives of 80 residence, checks on Scotland's buildings have been underway.  

Today Raymond Barlow the Council planning official told MSPs that cladding had been found on some buildings in Glasgow. The discovery was made on the 8th of September after looking back over plans for some private residential properties in the city. Ministers were told at the time as it is a 'national issue'. 

The residence of the the flats and the fire service have not yet been informed. He said: "We're simply saying we're supplying information to Scottish ministers and then we wish to see what they wish to do with the information before we take it further."

A spokesperson for Glasgow City Council stressed that: "There is no suggestion that these buildings are a particular fire risk, all of them have fire systems in place and all of these buildings comply with the building regulations which were in force at the time they were constructed."

The buildings in question were constructed prior to 2005 and so meet the regulations from the time, but not those of the present day. 

Housing minister Kevin Stewart said the government expected Glasgow City Council, as "the body responsible for verification and enforcement of building standards", to inform building owners and ensure additional checks were carried out.

He said the "overall information" provided to ministers by the council on 8 September was "insufficient", and the council was asked to provide further information.

He added that the government had offered support to the council to help them retrieve all the information asked for.

Source: BBC 20/09/2017

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