61% of Scottish Firms Want to Stay in the Single Market After Brexit

HERALD SCOTLAND - More than 60 per cent of Scottish businesses want the softest of Brexits, with the UK remaining in both the EU single market and the customs union, according to a poll.

The online survey for the British Chambers of Commerce also found Scottish companies were keener on keeping the current links than those south of the border.

Mirroring the 62-38 vote to Remain last year in Scotland, the poll found 61 per cent of Scottish firms wanted to stay in the single market and customs union, compared to 53 per cent of companies across the UK.

Underlining the desire for continuity, 68 per cent of Scottish and UK respondents also wanted a transition period of at least three years after the UK leaves the EU in spring 2019.

Read more: 'Most Scots Firms want ultra-soft Brexit', by Tom Gordon from Herald Scotland. 

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